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How does Pyro work?
Create a complete video community with zero coding required.
Find videos for your target audience 🚀
You can add videos to your Pyro site in several ways. Type in keywords of your interests and Pyro will crawl the web to find high quality, relevant videos. You can also directly submit video links or upload videos yourself.
Enable your visitors to also submit vidoes, which you can review & approve - the entire workflow is built within Pyro for you to maintain a high quality, relevant and focused community.
Start personalizing your site âœĻ
Personalize your Pyro site to the next level by adding your own domain name, changing its styles with our themes, organize videos with categories, tags, playlists. Enable comments, social features and widgets to make your site really stand out.
Scale your community ðŸŠī
Don't stop there. Pyro grows with you as you scale your community. Enable a deeper analytics by integrating with Google Analytics, send out automated newsletters, monetize your site with advertising and paid memberships, control your SEO and more.
Pyro handles community of all sizes and includes all the tools in one place, so you can focus on building your community.
👇 This is what an admin panel looks like.
Lots of options and features to create your own video community!
👇 And this is an example of video community created by Pyro
With lots of themes, layouts and customizations you can do.
Incredible creatives who are creating their communities on Pyro
I tried many solutions to connect my fishing video club. Pyro now lets me focus on my community, not the tool!
Sam Chapman
Pyro is an absolute gem. I had my community up and running within minutes.
Emily Peyser
Oh wow. This is the only solution that I have found that does exactly what I have always wanted. Thank you Pyro!
Heather Webb
Never thought I'd get to see all of my ~100 members up and running.
Laura Mill
I don't know any coding, but I have many videos that I want to share. Pyro had me up and running and then growing!
Sun Ni
This is a great way to make use of my videos and share them with others.
Shanon Jacobs
Just created a small private video site to upload some of family photos that I can share with my relatives overseas - super simple!
Lucas Schuler
This is such a great idea. I run a community of film makers and Pyro helps us share their work easily and collaborate.
Jim Johanson
Join these fellow creatives and start your community today.
Pyro is for you.
Whether you're a business person, a developer or an entrepreneur,
Pyro gives you the platform to launch something you can call your own.
Curators & Collectors
If you love curating & collecting niche videos and looking for a single place to keep or present them, Pyro is your perfect solution.
If you're a YouTuber or someone working & creating digital video work, then Pyro helps you build your own audience in your very own platform.
Entrepreneurs / Startups
Pyro is the perfect place to kickstart your idea by creating your own niche community around videos that your target audience already loves. No need to spend months thinking, launch something today and start testing out your idea.
Video lovers
Enjoy watching videos online? Ever thought of creating your own channel and sharing with others who might enjoy the similar things as you do? Jump right in and get started!
Digital organizers
Bookmarked too many videos but can't find them? Pyro is your digital video bookmarking service. Always find that video you love.
Community owners
Ever wanted to start your own community? Pyro gives all the features you need. Simply start with a keyword. That's it! And build from there. We help you every step of the way.
Everything you need to start & grow your very own video community.
High Quality Videos Only
Add your niche keywords of your choice and Pyro will do the rest of finding relevant & high quality contents to your site - apply filters to further identify videos for your visitors.
Playlist, Categories & Tag
Organize your videos exactly how you want. Add categories, tags and playlists that appear as navigation items on homepage, so your visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for on your site.
Build organic Traffic
Pyro integrates with many social platforms so that your videos will be tweeted, posted on Tumblr, Blogger etc. Get traffic to your domain you would otherwise not get - unfair advantage.
Membership, Out of the Box
Pyro has all the features for membership. Let your visitors become members by registering, logging in and then engage them to return to your domain for quality contents they love.

In addition to memberships, visitors to your domain can also sign up for newsletters to receive regular updates. Have them returned to your domain again and again with your contents.
Engage with Social Features
Get your users to vote, like, comment and ask questions on your site, turning them into a more engaged usesrs and thereby forming a community around your domain.

Add your own domain name
Further personalize your Pyro site by adding your own domain name. It's as simple as clicking a button. Pyro will also enable HTTPS automatically with redirect options available.
Achieve Full Automation
We made it so that your Pyro can run itself, if you choose to do so. Everything about Pyro is automated. This is especially handy if you have many domains.
Analyze This
Pyro also provide in-depth analysis on how your domain is performing, so you can intervene when necessary. We have an admin dashboard and weekly report to keep you informed.
Themes for Your Site
Make your site personal & stand out by choosing from growing list of themes that we have. But that's not all, you can further customize your site's look & feel by directly changing its CSS.
Add Custom Static Pages
What if you need to add custom pages to write down some static contents like About Us? Well, go right ahead and add as many pages as you wish to your site.
Custom Links
You can also add as many custom links to your Pyro site as you wish. Perfect for building out backlinks, Pyro lets you order them and add them to header, navigation and footer.
Integrate with others
We are building out more integrations with other popular services such as HubSpot, Drift and Tawk chatbot widgets, Facebook, WordPress and Reddit and many more planned on their way.
Maximize your SEO
Change your META tags, participate in backlink-sharing with other Pyro sites and keep users via iFrame, all so that your site can rank higher in Google - all built-in and automated for all your domains.
Translate Your Site
Change every text and wording on your site to your own liking. If you want, you can even translate the entire site to another language of your choice to further target your site to your audience.
We are currently in public beta. During that time, you can enjoy all the features of Pyro for free 😎. We will make an announcement when we move out of the beta and ready to start scaling.
Our Pricing
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Free - $0 / month
Access via Pyro sub-domain with HTTPS
Up to 5 keywords for video search
Search from basic video platforms
Up to 30 members & newsletter subscribers
Access to basic integrations & widgets
Basic - $5 / month
Use your own domain name with HTTPS
Up to 20 keywords for video search
Search from all available video platforms
Up to 100 members & newsletter subscribers
Review & approve before videos are displayed
Access to all integrations & widgets
Standard - $10 / month
All features in the Basic Plan
Up to 50 keywords for video search
Up to 200 members & newsletter subscribers
Monetize with your own ads
Allow members to submit videos
Includes 2GB disk space
Pro - $20 / month
All features in the Standard Plan
Unlimited number of keywords for video search
Up to 500 members & newsletter subscribers
Make your site either private or public
Includes 5GB space
Community - $30 / month
All features in the Pro Plan
Unlimited members & newsletter subscribers
Includes 10GB space
Priority support
Creator - $50 / month
All features in the Community Plan
100GB Storage
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